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The word hirer being to the owner (Murray River Caravan Hire) The word hiree being the (customer)

Rates: (see "Caravan Hire Details" for current prices)

All rates shown include G.S.T and state taxes. A 20% deposit or minimum $200 deposit is required at time of booking to secure travel dates. A $1500 security bond is required and must be paid prior to departure, the bond may be held for up to 30 days and will be returned at the hirers discretion and subject to terms and conditions of hire being adhered to. All Caravans are fully comprehensively insured. An insurance excess of $1500 applies should an incident occur and is payable by the hiree to Murray River Caravan Hire.


The total hire plus $1500 security bond is to be paid prior to departure. We accept cash, Visa or Mastercard.


Your deposit confirms your reservation for the period of hire and is wholly non-refundable,  early returns for whatever reason are non refundable.

Hire Periods

Our minimum hire period is one week. Minimum two weeks over Christmas/newyear. Minimum one week over Easter/school holidays.


The hire van is to be returned to the hirer in a clean and tidy condition both inside and out,  failure to do so will incur a charge against your bond. If the Caravan is not cleaned to a satisfactory condition, a cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond at a charge of $80 per hour.  Murray River Caravan Hire reserves the right to deduct the relevant cleaning fee from the bond if deemed necessary and is at our discretion alone.

Late Returns

Late returns are charged at $250 per day and or loss of bond unless previously arranged and agreed by both the hirer and hiree 48 hours prior to completion of hire period.


Smoking is not permitted in vans. Van must not be subjected to camp fire smoke.


Pets are not permitted inside van.

Accidents or Breakdowns

Should an accident occur, notify the hirer (Murray River Caravan Hire) ASAP.  It is the hirees responsibility to report any accident or incident to the police and obtain a full report. This includes theft of a caravan. If there is an accident involving any other vehicle the hiree must obtain the following details:

  • Make, model and registration number of other vehicles involved.
  • The full name and address and drivers license number of persons involved.
  • Name and address of any witnesses present.

It is the hirees responsibility to ensure that the caravan is secure and safe from further damage whilst repairs are taking place.

Any malicious damage to the caravan caused by the hiree shall be repaired at the hirees expense. This includes any fees incurred by the hirer (Murray River Caravan Hire) whilst recovering monies for either replacement or repair of damage caused by the hiree.

Any damage to the tyres and rims, except for fair wear and tear, will be at the cost of the hiree.

The hiree agrees that the hirer (Murray River Caravan Hire) shall not be liable or accountable for any costs due to inconvenience, theft of any of the equipment or as a result of damage during the period of the hire including but not limited to; meals, flights, car hire, phone calls or any other costs incurred by the hiree.

The hiree agrees that the hirer (Murray River Caravan Hire) shall not be held accountable for any damages to persons and/or property in regards to the hirees use of the caravan.

Damage During Hire Period

Any damage occasioned outside wear and tear is to be effected by the hiree or the costs adjusted against the security bond. Tyres, punctured, blown or shredded are to be replaced prior to returning. Any cost above the bond amount will be met by the hiree. Vinyl flooring is easily damaged when goods are stored on the floor. Care must be taken to pack suitcases, eskys and the like to prevent sliding and tilting which may cause damage to timberwork or flooring. The hiree is responsible for the equipment that is hired and is not permitted to sub let the equipment to any other parties. Bikes are not permitted inside vans on any occasion.

Stabilizers (load levelers) and Mirror Extenders

These items are supplied by the hirer at additional cost if required. Ensure that your tow ball is free to have stabilizers fitted.

Restricted Areas

All hires are 'on road' which means bitumen only, this is a stipulation of your insurance, any dirt or gravel roads will void your insurance coverage unless organised and agreed to by the hirer before booking. The exception to this rule are short dirt or national park roads into your campsite however these need to be navigated carefully so as not to cause damage to the caravan. 

Braking Systems & Electrical Connections

All vans have electric brakes. It is the hiree's responsibility to have an electric brake controller fitted to their vehicle or hire a portable unit from the hirer. All vans have a standard seven or twelve pin flat plug.

Loading and Vehicle compatibility

Specs vary from tow bar manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and road safely groups. We cannot hire to the owner of a vehicle that does not comply. We can assist with loading techniques but the ultimate responsibility is with the hiree.

Driver Qualifications
  • The hiree and/or driver must be over the age of 25 years and hold a current full driver's license issued in Australia.
  • The hiree and/or driver must hold full comprehensive insurance for the tow vechicle.
  • The hiree and/or driver must insure the towing vehicle is registered according to state laws.
  • The hiree and/or driver agrees not to tow the Camper Trailer/Caravan whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The hiree and/or driver must obey all state and national road laws. The Driver shall be accountable for any damage or costs associated by failing to obey with these laws.
  • The hiree and/or driver must not have been refused any motor vehicle insurance.
  • The hiree and/or driver must not have been found guilty of any driving offences, including driving under the influence of drugs or over the legal limit of alcohol.
Hire Agreement

The hiree by signing the Hire Agreement confirms and agrees that he/she has read the above terms and conditions and understands and agrees fully with these conditions.

The hiree agrees that he/she is fully aware of the correct procedures for using all of the equipment supplied and that the equipment is in good working condition upon commencement of the hire period.

The hiree agrees that the equipment will be used solely for its intended use.